Studies on various aspects in Biotechnology and molecular biology is the prime interest of my research group comprising me and five research scholars.


  • Plant Tissue culture
  • Bacterial Endophytes
  • Ayurvedic formulation of Shampoos
  • In vitro antiinflammatory activity
  • Anthocyanin pigmentation in Dioscorea

Research Projects

  • Phytochemical and antimicrobial screening in Simarouba glauca DC.

    The project was carried out in Simarouba glauca(Kalpatharu) which a very popular plant that was introduced to India and domesticated in many places including Kerala as an oil crop. The plant is said to have many biological properties and the present investigation is a preliminary step to understand the antibacterial activity of the leaf extract in various solvents using gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Each extract was also subjected to phytochemical screening using different qualitative tests. Very short description of the project.

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  • In vitro anti-inflammatory studies on the leaf extracts of Litsea quinqueflora (Dennst.) Suresh

    VLitsea quinqueflora leaves were collected and dried to obtain fine powder. It was then soxhlet extracted using petroleum ether, chloroform and methanol. These extracts were made into a paste/powder and preliminary phytochemical screening was done. The extracts were tested for their antiinflammtory property using HRBC membrane stabilization method. It was observed that the methanolic extract imparted significant activity when compared to other extracts. The methanolic extract was further analysed using column chromatography. Detailed analyses were done using the fractions obtained from column chromatography and was identified as quercetin and isorhamnetin that was responsible for anti-inflammatory property. In vitro anti-inflammatory property of the methanolic extract was performed using Mitogen Induced Lymphocyte proliferation Assay, Lactate dehydrogenase assay, Nitrite production and TNF α and Cytokine Production. These tests further revealed the antiinflammtory property of the methanolic extract of Litsea quiqueflora.The genes that were switched on during the treatment with the drug shall be identified using m RNA analysis

    This could be a full decription about the project